Business Continuity

We will all succumb to one or more of these scenarios at some point in our business life:

Data loss through corruption, deletion (malicious or not), power issues, physical theft, cyber theft, or natural disaster.

Operational and or data loss issues through damaged equipment, cyber intrusion, ransomware, malware, or viruses.

One could make the argument that we should just go back to physical paper records. 

Our first question to you this; 

  • In the event of fire, tornado, flood or physical theft are you keeping physical copies stored in another location of all the paperwork. If not, then you will still incur data loss even though it is physical paper. 

Our second question, to you is this;

  • If you keep paper records as your backup in the event of data loss. 
  • How much time will be lost reentering all the pertinent data back into your accounting system?
  • How much will you be paying someone per hour the reentry the missing data?
  • How will you serve your clients during this trying time?