Hosted VoIP Services

Version3 VoIP engineers have created a hosted voice platform

that works for any and all business needs. This platform is professionally hosted and managed

How your business or organization recieve phones calls is important for controlling your day-to-day flow of business. That is why Version3 con provide custmized call flow options based on youor needs. Version3 can set up with an automated receptionist to direct the traffic for you. Or if you prefer an actual person to answer the phone, but do not want to miss out on important calls, version3 can have multiple phones ring at the same time, ring consecutively, or forward the calls to cell phones or call service lines when no one is available to answer.

Other VoIP features include:

Worried about your internet connection?

Version3 offers back-up Internet connections with dedicated LTE routers! These routers can support Voip Phone traffic when internet connections slow down or go commpletely down. Never lose conectivity again with Version3 LTE backup service.

Certifies LTE Partners with Verizon & T-Mobile


Large organizations, Schools, & Government Agencies


VERSION3 has a solution for your mass notification needs! Our VoIP engineers and web developers have created mass notification platform that makes broadcasting messages to large scale audience easy.

Easy to navigate dashboard:

Prerecord your own voice for broadcasting mass phone calls

Type custom messages and select how you want them to be sent