Physical Security

Guardian Kiosk

Controlled Physical Entry

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Guardian Kiosk

As the most dynamic school security product in the industry, GUARDIAN KIOSK is the best innovation driven software that is actively addressing the ever-changing academic environment. From entry access to system notifications, our software query searches more  than 10 school-based, local, state, and federal data-bases to ensure the most secure access.

Guardian Lock box

As the one of the most dynamic school security products in the industry, GUARDIAN LOCK BOX is the best innovation driven software hard-ware solution that is actively addressing   the ever-changing academic environment. GUARDIAN LOCK BOX provides controlled access to secure storage of non-lethal or lethal means to defend our classrooms. Our  unique solution ensures the most secure monitored access to the contents of the GUARDIAN LOCK BOX.

Security Cameras

At Version 3 we will design a system to best suit your needs.

  • Small or large deployments
  • Controlled access to live vs recorded video
  • Audio recording is available
  • Night vision cameras
  • Follow me configurations
  • Internally and external access