Temperature Kiosk

Smart pass in action!

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Re-Open Safely

Scan temperatures of employees and visitors with Smart Pass AI! You don't need to pull your staff to take temperatures with this new, automated kiosk.

Wooden weather Thermometer

Re-Open Confidently

± 0.5 °F Accuracy No second guessing with stunningly accurate temperature readings.

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Re-Open Intelligently

Store and manage all of your data on an easy to use desktop. Keep track of who has masks, who has normal temperatures, and even manage the kiosk settings remotely!

Asian women using the technology tablet for access control by face recognition

Facial Recognition Capabilities

Recognize who is allowed on premise with facial recognition technology. Smart Pass can even keep track of when employees come and go with the ability to integrate with your current software. Store up to 30,000 faces for your system to recognize!

Young man wearing face mask outdoors.

Face Mask Detection

Stay compliant with optional face mask detection!

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